A contract of assembly = peace of mind
Cylindric Denmark A/S collects and prepares LPG (liquified petroleum gas) cylinders, pharmaceutical and industrial gas cylinders, bundles and other pressure equipment. The components are ordered by either Cylindric Denmark or together with our customers.

The components are delivered from different suppliers around the world. They are sent directly to our assembly area in Middelfart, where our technicians assemble the components into one unit. MontageaftaleThe LPG cylinder, pharmaceutical and industry gas cylinder or bundle is then ready to be filled with gas. We pack the units and send them to the agreed delivery address.

Cylindric Denmark A/S offers contracts of assembly that match our customers’ needs. With a contract of assembly, you will always have peace of mind that your pressure equipment is in agreed condition, which also gives our customers a distinct competitive advantage.

Contact us on tel. +45 6441 1230 to hear more about what we can offer.