The story of Cylindric Denmark A/S starts in 1958 when the first gas cylinder was produced at our premises in Middelfart. The founder Ib Junggaard was a large, colourful character and a visionary, forward-thinking man whose philosophy together with his management team was to re-invest company profits into developing new products and technology.

That's one of the reasons why Cylindric Denmark has, over the years, comprised several companies that have produced e.g. milk buckets, equipment for milking systems, silencers, steel pipes, gas tanks and different types of gas cylinders.

The company expanded rapidly in the1960's and 70s and was soon producing gas cylinders for all of Scandinavia, Argentina and Ireland, as well as beer kegs for Northern Europe.

The different production areas have gradually separated, and the current owners run Cylindric Denmark as a dynamic company specialising in the refurbishment, assembly and sale of pressure equipment for industrial gas companies in Scandinavia.